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Dorset Home Choice

Bidding Cycle

Bidding Cycle
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Housing Options

Housing Options

Take a look at Low Cost Home Ownership, Mutual Exchange and Private Rental...

Help & FAQ

Help & FAQ

Frequently asked questions about and the bidding process...

How Dorset Home Choice Works

Dorset Home Choice aims to give you more choice about where you want to live. The information on these pages will provide you with a summary of how the scheme works, how you can access information about properties and how you can express an interest in a property (which we call bidding).

The specific allocation policy that applies to your housing register assessment will depend on the local authorities you have applied to within the partnership.

Please note that local lettings plans sometimes apply to certain properties in a given area.

- How Dorset HomeChoice works
- The Banding Scheme & Allocation Policies
- Which properties can I bid for
- The Adverts explained
- Where to get your Property List
- Bidding using this website
- Bidding by text message
- Feedback

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