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The Joint Christchurch and East Dorset Banding Scheme

The Christchurch and East Dorset areas have agreed a common approach for the allocation of social housing across the two local authority areas. The aim of this policy is to help meet the housing needs of households within Christchurch and East Dorset in the most effective way.

Christchurch and East Dorset areas Housing Allocation Policy

Dorset Home Choice Scheme Guide

Both Council’s will assess applications based on local priorities which are shown in the banding summary table below. In addition, applications are based on local and/or village connections.

Local Connection
Applicants will have a local connection with the Council it is applying to by meeting one of the following criteria:

a. Residency Qualification
Resident in the Council area for at least 2 years continuous at the time of application.

b. Employment
An applicant may be a qualifying person if he/she or his/her partner is in employment in the borough/district.

Village Connection
• Being permanently resident therein for at least four years immediately prior to such occupation
• Having currently resident close relatives (i.e. parents, children, brother or sister) who have lived therein for at least four years
• Having permanent employment and having been employed therein for at least 12 months prior to such occupation
• Other special circumstances which create a link to the given parish (not including resident in a hospital, armed forces accommodation, holiday let, or prison) such special circumstances having first been verified and approved by the borough/district Council.

Unacceptable behaviour
Applicants will not be able to join the housing register if they or a member of their household are responsible for unacceptable behaviour. This includes rent arrears and debts owed to a local authority or housing provider in the borough or district.

Financial Ability
Applicants with sufficient financial resources to resolve their own housing needs will not qualify to join the housing register. For example
• Owner occupiers whose home is not suitable for their needs but who have sufficient equity to secure alternative accommodation.
• Applicants with a household income more than 5 times the Local housing Allowance level.
Applicants who wish to be considered for intermediate affordable home ownership with income above £60,000, who are an owner occupier and/or with an existing mortgage will not be eligible on the housing register.

Refusal Policy
Applicants who successfully bid but subsequently refuse a suitable offer on three occasions will have their application cancelled. Consideration will only be given to cases where there is a significant and material change to an applicant’s housing circumstances.

Christchuch and East Dorset Banding Summary Table

Bedroom size eligibility under the Christchurch and East Dorset Joint Allocation Policy(scroll towards the bottom of the page)

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